Post-acquisition integration of Indian subsidiary

The challenge

Having acquired its first Indian subsidiary, an IT services company wanted swiftly and efficiently to integrate the delivery of the newly-acquired offshore capability into its European marketing and delivery services.

Activity / solution

  • Established the integration objectives and success criteria, both from the acquirer and the newly-acquired company’s points of view.
  • Defined the governance process for the integration project.
  • Set up the working teams for each of the affected areas from the acquirer and acquired companies: delivery operations, finance, HR, IT, sales, marketing, training and quality management.
  • Collated and managed the objectives and schedule for the cross-company working teams.
  • Facilitated multiple cross-team discussions to ensure that all touch points and interactions were considered and dealt with.
  • Defined the schedule for delivery of the integration; managed the integration to that schedule.
  • Regular reporting to board sponsor and management of all stakeholders to discuss and resolve issues and risks.


The newly-acquired company was integrated seamlessly into the acquirer. Staff from both entities felt well-informed and well-consulted on the changes throughout the process.

Effective working relationships were quickly established and new services were brought to market.

Sales staff were educated about the new offshore services and were quickly able to discuss and sell them with customers.